Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Free Form Rock Pool and Christmas Decorations

This will need to be brief as I have visitors for the next 3 days so I need to shop for food, a new shower curtain and other essentials. Then we are going to Cornwall for 4 days so I need to wash and iron some clothes.
Any way crochet: another free form not so happy with this one but I do like the crab. I love rock pools and rock pooling. So much so that Graham and I have to have our own nets when we go to the seaside. This one is a notebook cover inspired by my endless fascination with the variety of life left in small pools at low tide

  Crab with eyes on stalks and a fossil?

Closed sea anemone and a sea cucumber?
Too many legs on the starfish I am afraid

Some shells, a fish and that sort of sea weed that you can pop.
A little shoal of silver fish and some gravel.

We have started to get orders for our ever popular decorations so these have been occupying me while Vicky has been making snowmen, robins and penguins

so cute!
Singing mad penguins.
Any way (again) back to cleaning and washing while my crochet shouts from a corner.
I should report that the crochet won blow the cleaning.