Sunday, 26 October 2014

Christmas Pudding Hats, Golf head bands and a Sacrificial Robin

Cornwall was lovely; beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and lots of craft to lust after. I think if I lived by the  sea I would have a house full of interesting stones, shells and drift wood that I might be able to use at some time. In fact I do have a house full of stuff that might come in handy at some time so I don't think it matters where I live I will always be a craft magpie.
I am sure that I have said before that I always take some crocheting when I go anywhere, this is what I made on the way to Cornwall (when I wasn't reading crossword clues to Graham). I did the pom-poms and leaves when I got home.

Christmas Pudding Hats.

I didn't do much crocheting in the evening for two reasons: one I was completely worn out with all the exercise I got walking down to the beaches, along the beaches and up again from the beaches, two was we were in the bar or reliving our youth playing 'penny' machines. I did make a few head bands which were inspired by our golfing friend who asked me to make one to keep her ears warm.

Button on head bands, on some I have put several buttons to allow for different sized heads.

I have shared these before:

But this one is to be our sacrificial victim and I am about to perform cruel and unusual acts on him in the name of CE (safety) testing. First I have to try and pull his eyes out and his wings off, then I must try to burn him before poking him with sticks and then drowning him. I am afraid he must suffer so that others may find a good and safe home! I am not sure I can bear it, he looks so optimistic and cheerful - little does he know!