Monday, 22 September 2014

Christmas baubles in full swing?

There were two or possibly three things that people asked for when we were at the Wokingham fair last week. The first was berets (and fingerless gloves) the second was red and white Christmas decorations. So here is what I have been doing to try to fulfill at least one of these requests.

red and white 4ply cotton-simple but effective
A combination of baubles, passion flower, teasel and a flash of the next door house!
All of the baubles are made in two identical halves which are then crocheted or sewed together over a plastic bauble.

Gold fingering in red and sparkly white baby yarn

Slight change of pattern but same yarn as above left
Red chenille, gold thread and dk white yarn

All of these are made using embroidery cotton

 This is is my favourite. Made from DMC cotton perle which gives it a subtle sheen.
Although all the red ones are from my own pattern, these are made from a pattern by ATERGcrochet.  I should say I have changed the pattern slightly.
There are some really lovely things apart from baubles so worth a look.

I am really struggling to format this ( I can't make the pictures or the words go where I want them to) so I am going to publish it as it is -with apologies for my IT ignorance. What I really need is an IT support network - I used to have a really good one when I was teaching.  (I've tried to sort it out for you.  Hope it looks a bit better - Victoria (daughter and IT support)

I just like the bowl.