Friday, 12 September 2014

Another Fair,Brooches,A Pig Kit and an Infinite Number of Crochet Hooks.

We are at the Wokingham Heritage craft fair on Sunday so I have been pricing and sorting our stock. Then I thought I should take some pictures of the newest stuff. This meant finding it, removing the prices that I had just put on and then photographing before putting the prices back on. Very frustrating but entirely self inflicted.
 These pictures are my attempt to make lanyards interesting. I have rounded up every pair of spectacles in the house ( so Graham is bumping into things). In my head I have been planning a sort of crafters tool kit that you can hang round your neck -not quite ready yet  but watch this space.

 Another tiny purse - I did make two but I have no idea what I did with the second one. The trouble is I have a box marked purses and another one marked key rings and I can't remember which box I put it in.

I have got no real idea what set me off on making flower brooches but I was obviously (judging by the number) quite keen.

This is my favourite brooch. Then there is the latest kit put to together exclusively for the Wokingham fair:

Pattern, 2 pairs of eyes, 2 different hooks and the yarn to make two multicoloured  Persephone the pigs. (Pig not included ... until you've done the crochet that is!)

(Aside from Victoria:  All this wonderful piggy-ness is just £10 at the fair.  We're happy to offer this bargain to our blog and facebook readers too.  Just message to order.)

When we go to these craft fairs we usually have a small section of things for crafters. This time we will have buttons and I thought some hooks and knitting needles. So plan A was to sort out a few hooks:

This is just a small sample of the hooks we have and it doesn't include the ones that we actually use or any of Vicky's collection of vintage hooks or the Tunisian hooks. You get the picture - it could be a while before I sort this lot - especially since I now can't find my glasses.