Thursday, 28 August 2014

i-phone cosies, ears and hangers? and just one more dream catcher

I knew I should have emptied the paddling pool sooner, the moment I did the weather started to improve but it is still trying to fool me because every time I just get the pool dry and turn my back for a minute a tiny shower comes along and I have to start again.

This week my source of inspirations or should that be sources of inspiration have been very different. First 'Inside Crochet Magazine' had some crochet ears for Halloween I found some black padded hair bands in my stash (I still think it is a hoard) and made my own version.

the models head is a bit too small
Next was a car boot sale where I found  a bag full of children's wooden coat-hangers for the princely sum of £1.50 - who could resist.

And Matt has a new phone which was in need of protection and after I had made one cosy I couldn't stop.

 I have photographed them with an old i-pod which is a bit smaller than an i-phone and used making these as another excuse to use my beautiful buttons.

Finally just one more dream catcher inspired by the interest generated by the last blog and FB .

We are going to Wales for a few days but I am trying to keep it quiet because at the moment the weather still thinks I am only trying to dry the paddling pool and the sun is blazing down. If you hear about hurricanes and the return of the ice age in Wales you will know word has got out!