Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Circles Mandalas and Dream Catchers.

As you can see, this week I have been going round in circles. I have been looking at some of the beautiful mandalas that have been submitted for show at YarnDale. They are amazing and inspiring so I had to have a go. The other thing that I had been dying to try was overlay crochet .
The results of putting the two ideas together are here. All done in Rico essentials double knitting cotton.

I am pleased with the results although the colour schemes were dictated by what was already in my stash. Perfect excuse to buy more yarn (as if I needed one)

While I was rummaging for cotton I found an old pattern for a doily which I have converted (by way of the two copper rings from an old lamp shade ) into a pair of dream catchers. These are the perfect excuse to use up ribbons and beads (and anything else) from your stash.

This one is not finished yet but it is made using some rainbow ribbon yarn equivalent to about 4ply I should think.

Lastly Graham and I went to Farnham yesterday to check if the castle was suitable to take Ben and Danny to. It was very good with some quite hair raising views through glass panels to the ground. While we were there we discovered The University of the Creative Arts has a Craft Study Centre which is open to the public. I can really recommend a visit.