Saturday, 23 August 2014

A dream of a day

Life is full of those amazing things that add so much joy. As an example I decided to hang all of the dream catchers in the garden so that I could take pictures and as I was doing it I caught a flash of movement in the tree I was using.

Here they are all looking beautiful in the apple tree but this was far more beautiful!

He obviously thought the dream catchers were bird feeders full of worms, perhaps and he was of the opinion that he was a humming bird trying to take the ribbons out of mid-air. He was also fearless and when he needed a rest he came and sat within a metre of me. What a treat!

Lots more dream catchers and I am trying to give them names so we have:
autumn dreams, pink dreams, halloween (scary) dreams, night sky dreams, velvet dreams, rainbow dreams and spring green dreams - so far!

 Some close ups of the scary dreams catcher - hope it does not give you nightmares