Friday, 18 July 2014

The Yarn Truffle Crochet or Knitting Challenge

Once again inspired by Vicky I set out to show people what could be made from one of these:

A bag of Yarn Truffles. 50g of colour themed yarn!
This is the contents of the bag shown but each bag is slightly different and this is not the bag I used.

We have a box of these ready, so to make it a fair challenge I just put my hand in the box and pulled a bag out without looking.

This shows all the things that I have made from one bag of yarn. Four large brooches, a big purse and a little purse, three hair clips, a beaded bracelet and a tie on thing that could be a necklace or a head band or you could tie it on to any other bit of you, you fancy.

Of course these makes needed some extra bits so I raided the haberdashery and embellishments. I didn't use the whole packet of the beads, buttons, bells , hair clips or brooch backs so I will be able to do this all again with the remainder.

The rest of the pictures are mainly close ups of the things that you can make.

The jungle brooch/pin
 The garden brooch
 The coral reef brooch
The solar system brooch

I have made a sort of pattern for these three.  They only use three very simple motifs - a circle, a flower and a coral. You can probably see that I have cheated and used a few orange beads.

It has been  really interesting to work out how to use the yarn to the best effect - if you fancy the same challenge the bags of yarn truffles are for sale as are the packets of haberdashery and embellishments

The really annoying thing is that I had this much yarn left .
As I was writing the title I thought I was being knitist by excluding the knitters. So if you knit why not try the great yarn truffle challenge - what can you make????