Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Persephone the Pig and Red Riding Hood

Only two days to Fibre East so I havn't really got time for this but I couldn't resist. First this is a lovely pattern designed by Vicky so I thought it would be a good idea to have an example so people could see what they could make with the pattern.

 But having made this one I thought we are trying to sell tubes of yarn like these:
So here is what you can make if you combine the pattern
with the yarn tube!

It is a good job that I did do this because I have just noticed that I havn't given him a mouth imagine a pig that can't eat!
He took less than half a tube of Yarn Candy so you could make two from one tube - bargain I say.

The point of what we are doing is to encourage and demonstrate free-form crochet so here is a reminder of what is possible when an artist gets really proficient at crochet.(I should say that the photograph doesn't quite do justice to the colours)

Vicky did this with a plan to make more fairy tales - sadly she has not had time yet to make more.
Can you spot the big bad wolf?
Wish us luck for this weekend