Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fibre East Successes and Lessons Learned

We are both still recovering from our first big show. We learned lessons, made some money and above all met lovely people who shared our passion for crochet and yarn.

This is the set up - it wasn't long before we realised that we needed to display the yarn tubes in a different way for various reasons - they weren't in the right place and when people tried to rummage the cages fell apart, so we won't be taking them again!

This is patterns and haberdashery which also wasn't quite right but the lovely lady behind did really well with her baskets.

Buttons, beads, hooks and needles - all of these sold very well.

We did get some things right; Cecily the stripping sheep was sold very quickly although we did keep her until the end so that we could demonstrate what could be made from the pattern. The free-form examples that we took  with us were also very popular and we received lots of compliments.

Most admired was the Red Riding hood work which people seemed to think should be in an exhibition and I agree - it is amazing.
There were many people who said they couldn't do free-form because they were nervous of trying anything without a pattern; Vicky had anticipated this by making a guided free-form pattern for beginners. The book cover bottom right of this picture is made from the pattern.

This is a piece that was started for us to demonstrate free-form at the show. So the way it worked was Vicky did Red Riding Hood, I had done the Rainbow scarf and we both worked on this piece through the two days. I think it has worked ( or is working) very well. The only problem is that the most frequent question was 'what is it going to be'? I can't decide whether to carry on and make a throw, or should it be a cushion or a bag or perhaps a warm winter coat?


Ahem!  I think you forgot the most amazing part of the weekend ... my successful completion of a 100 wrap bullion stitch. Not a very useful size for a bullion but a crochet triumph ;-)

Victoria x