Monday, 14 July 2014

Crochet kits, hats and PYO

Vicky and I are in head exploding mode!! We have never done a big show before - two days of Fibre East, we have no idea how much stock we will need or what we will need when we get there to be able to set up, so we go from nervous break down ( not enough stock ) to excitement ( everybody buys everything and we become very rich)!
As you can imagine not much time for crochet but there is a bit to share.

 You may remember these mice. We are going to try and sell the kit to make them but we had sold all our examples at the Hurst Show so I decided to make a few more. They are so cute that I decided to share all of the pictures.

In the kit you get 5 balls of yarn - here is a selection but there are lots of other colours.
This is the content: stuffing, pattern, yarn. hook. yarn needle, stitch marker, and beads.

Once you think of a good idea ( in this case kits ) it is difficult to stop so I completed the Christmas Key ring Kit that I mentioned last time.

Key rings defying gravity , interesting effect
 Classic photography mistake, if you look carefully you can see me taking the picture.
 These are tinkling, twinkling stars. As I suspected the white ones are better than the gold ones but this is not obvious from the picture.

This is what the kit looks like. I forgot to list the pattern on the front but it is included.

 A beany type hat made by Vicky from one of our Yarn Candy tubes ( you could make three like this from one tube) . I like the effect of the fringe made from the ends of yarn.

I am off to see what else you can make from one tube. I may not last long because this morning we went fruit picking and we drove home with the raspberries on my lap - who can resist sun warmed fruit? I hope my digestion is up to it!


  1. So excited for you both, the kits look fabulous and I can only imagine the hard work you put into them. Love all of your projects.
    Good luck at the show, sell lots and promote crocheting x

  2. Thank you very much. We always try to promote crochet but this is very new and quite scary it is good to know someone is thinking of us
    Lynn and Vicky.

  3. Love your kits and those yarn tubes are such a fabulous idea...great to have everything you need to start a project!
    It must take considerable time and patience to source and package your ingredients...and write up the recipes - so hope all your kits sell like hot cakes!!
    Have a great cople of days and hope you get to make lots of new fibre loving friends!
    Ali x

  4. What a kind thought. You are right it does take a long time but we are hoping it will be worth it.