Sunday, 6 July 2014

Applique, Christmas Kits and Anonymous

I don't seem to have had much time for actual crochet this week. Graham and I have been going to pick up things bought on ebay and when we do we make a point of looking for something to see in the area. Went to Crawley and found Tilford Park - highly recommended.
I have also been inspired by a very old Stitch craft magazine and seeing Vicky cover holes in her favouite jumper using crochet patches. The result of the inspiration is this.

This is an old pashmina with a dirty mark on it. A few crocheted leaves make a good cover for the stain. I have another one like this that has a crosswise pull that looks a bit like a ladder in a stocking (yes I am that old ) and I am attempting a similar fix - will share when finished. I sewed the leaves on with very small stitches using a fine needle and cotton so that the stitching does not show on the other side.

 These are the prototypes of our new Christmas kits. We have three different Christmas key rings planned, they will be available in kit form and will include all the findings and yarn together with a pattern. A nice small gift and always better if you make it yourself
I am planning to change the colour of the star shown here because I don't like the gold with the silver key ring. I will also change the colour of the tiny jingle bells

Lastly here is our logo without the basket and with his feet made bigger and turned round. He is lovely but still nameless although Vicky suggested Woolfred or Wooliam. The best I can do at the moment is Crochetpher -any suggestions?


  1. Just spent a wonderful woollyful while catching up with your fun-, colour-, and inspiration- filled blog posts!
    Love all your fab ideas, identify with your piles of part finished projects and talent for flitting from one to another!
    Will be popping back to have a go at the Dorset Buttons sometime!
    Ali x

    1. Thank you for looking - any comments on content etc would be really appreciated. I hope the buttons work.