Thursday, 19 June 2014

More Garden Crochet for the Flower People.

Next show/fair is in just over a week so all my crochet has been in preparation. But it is still for gardens

Spare buttons glued on to wooden row marker sticks Not really crochet but pretty.
 All of the flower pot covers and markers. -so far!
All made using dk. cotton of various makes but any double knitting will do.
Notice how the markers have been made to go with the pot cover. Pot covers are all washable and re-usable.
The trouble is I do these as I go along and so I don't know how to make another one the same, which is a shame because I really like the 3D effect of the one on the left.  But if you just experiment and make a tube that fits around the bottom of the pot, the naturals stretch in crochet will allow your cover to fit.
Is it possible to have too many flowers?
The colour combination of this one has worked out well. Another happy accident.

 This is another set of coasters using the free pattern from a previous blog - still trying to take interesting photographs. Notice that if you make rows 3,5 and 6 one colour and row 4 a different colour you get a row of what looks like hearts!
You can use the coasters in the garden as Vicky said - ideal for your pimms.
Finally a pair of neck purses for people going to festivals. They will need a safe place to store their beer money.
I can' really wangle it so that these are for the garden -I suppose you could keep seeds or string or something in it if you are a gardener.

I am off to make a bowl of strawberries and some bunting (crochet ones of course) - it's the time of the year you know!


  1. Really loving these garden crochet posts! Inspiring and beautiful.

  2. It is really amazing to be doing what you like and then to find that someone else likes it too.
    Thanks for your comments and interest.