Monday, 30 June 2014

Hurst Country Fair: wet/dry, happy/sad and Unicorns

The country Fair at Hurst was very interesting. Saturday was very miserable it rained most of the day and when it wasn't raining it was absolutely pouring. We spent most of the day covering and uncovering the crochet to stop it getting wet. Sunday was a beautiful day, no rain mostly glorious sun and lots of people. So why did we take more or less the same amount on each day I wonder?

If you look carefully you can see the rain on the roof and the drips around the edges of the gazebo.

Probably our best selling items were these key rings.

Sadly we only sold one of the pot plants but don't they look pretty set up like this?

Our stall was right opposite the arena so at one point during the day we looked through the rain only to see princesses on unicorns which were dancing to the music - honestly!

Hurst is a small village but the show was extremely well organised, with gazebos already erected when we got there and people to help with traffic management etc.  My favourite part was the dog racing: just any old dogs chasing a ball in the direction of the finishing line -very funny. Or was it the hobby horse racing?  I am very glad to say dobbin found a new and loving home after having been loved by Ben and Danny for quite some time.

Saddest story of the day a little girl fell in love with purple bear and her grandma bought it for her but they came back later because she had lost it. I said I would make her a new one but sadly I can't find any more yarn like this. So two things; if you know the whereabouts of the bear then please let us know - anonymity guaranteed. Or if you know a source of 4ply variegated purple yarn- PLEASE PLEASE get in touch.
Thank you.

P.S. in search of yarn, today we went to Hobby Craft -didn't find the yarn I wanted but found lots I didn't know I wanted. But I did find CE marked stuffing so with all the help we have received from the CE group and the stuffing we can now CE mark all our toys. Hooray!


  1. It's always so interesting to see what does and doesn't sell on any given day at things like this. Just depends on the crowd, I suppose. Sounds like overall it was a good weekend!

  2. It was a good weekend thank you. My theory is that there was so much to do that when the weather was good not so many people looked at the craft.