Sunday, 1 June 2014

Free Crochet Coaster Pattern.

I have had a lovely week. Ben and Danny came to stay over night and as usual we went out for breakfast at Tesco  not as romantic as Tiffany's but a wide choice and very reasonably priced. It meant that everybody could eat what they liked -pancakes with maple syrup, cocoa pops, a full English breakfast and a toasted tea cake. This is four breakfasts you understand not all for one person!!
Anyway not as much time as usual for crocheting so here is a pattern for you to try, according to a seller on ebay these are Bohemian colours but the instructions have other colours in the pictures.

For this project I used a 3.5mm hook and dk cotton yarn. All written in English notation.

1. Magic circle ch 2(counts as the first htr) 11 htr in the ring join with a ss to top of two chain. and fasten off.
2. join a new colour between two of the previous rows half trebles. 3 ch, then (1htr in next gap between half trebles 1ch) all the way round join with a ss to second of the three ch and fasten off.
3. Join another colour in a 1ch space, 2ch and lhtr in the same space 1ch ( 2htr in the next 1chain space 1ch) all the way round join with a ss to top of starting 2ch and fasten off.
4. Join a new colour between two half treble (not in the one chain space) and repeat row 3 but work 2ch between each pair of htr.

 5. Working in the row below put hook in a 1ch space and work 2ch  stretching the first chain to enclose the normal row with the yarn (second picture) in the same space work 1htr then 2ch ( in the next 1ch space of the row below work 2 htr and then 2ch) repeat this all the way round. join with a ss to the top of the starting 2ch.

6. Join the yarn between a pair of htr ( not the two chain space ) work 1ch 3dc  then work a treble between two htr of the row below. ( 4dc between two htr of the current row and then 1tr between two htr of the row below) repeat this all the way round join with a ss to the starting dc and fasten off.

The start of the four dc cluster between a pair of htr.
Working a treble in two half trebles of the row below.

You could stop at the end of row 6, as the clusters of 4dc and the long treble give a nice scalloped edge -like this

7 Join a new colour into any stitch 1ch and then work a row of dc all the way round - cut yarn and pull  through current stitch and then needle join to the first ch to make a neat edge.

Please let me know if there are any errors and please get in touch if I can help in any way.

I may not do much crocheting today as the sun is shining. which seems to be a rare occurrence so I am off outside to make the most of it.

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