Sunday, 25 May 2014

Crochet Obsession a Guilty Secret?

The following will prove that crochet is not just my hobby and my passion but it is an obsession, and an addiction that is taking over the whole house.

 In one corner of the living room we find: Tubes of yarn which we are selling at the moment for people who want lots of textures and fibres and thicknesses without buying whole balls of yarn.
Also the logo -still nameless sitting on a bowl of beads waiting to be packaged! The beads that is.
This is the table on the right hand side of the chair I work in: Blue snakes/ worms, some flower pot or row markers for gardeners.
The red zip up purse is a kit for making motifs.
 This is the surface of a wheeled set of drawers on the left hand side of my chair. Here we have: an unfinished eye, the set of coasters that I am working on , some flowers for sticking on row markers (garden not knitting), a soft cotton wash cloth and a covered flower pot.
 On the main table are some lady birds waiting to be adjusted
 And packets of beads, buttons and toy eyes. I wonder if the lottery ticket is a winner. If it was I wouldn't stop crocheting.
Set of shelves with buttons and beads waiting to be packaged.

To be honest I havn't shown you the stash of wool, the sewing machine, Grahams spinning wheel and the piles of crochet books and magazines.

I have probably said that Vicky and I are both ex-teachers so at this time of year I try to think of pretty and useful gifts for teachers. Once more this is inspired by 'Inside Crochet'

This is a prototype and I have put the pot containing the plant inside the pot that I have covered but I hope it gives an idea.

The flower has a tiny silver thank you attached but you could write any message on the white plastic stick.

I have shown you some of the living room but most of the rest of the house has craft of some sort in every possible corner. Maybe if I win the lottery I should buy a second house - one to live in and one to crochet in or would they be the same house?

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