Thursday, 22 May 2014

Chaos and Calm Caused by Crochet.

Do you ever have days when your head is teeming with ideas and you flit from one to the other without completing anything? In my living room, which is where I work, you will find the following: a pot full of blue snakes with googly eyes (still need to make more of these), a new flower pot for covering, a corrected pattern for me to try, the 3D logo sitting in a pot full of beads, some incomplete evil minions and masses of wool, beads buttons and ribbons waiting to be packaged. I wish that this was a complete list but there is so much more. I will take photos for the next blog to illustrate the chaos.

This fits with the theme - lovely organised rainbow covered bean can filled with chaotic flowers and butterflies stuck on lolly sticks and coffee stirrers. All very green!

 Another hat. Bear in mind that the head is a small version of the famous Girls World, so this is actually made for a small baby.
Vicky had two girls world heads when she was little - one blond and one brunette. I am sure she will be really glad I have told everybody!
The brim can be worn up or down. Chaotic hair tidy hat ?
I have always put flowers on the brim or round where the brim meets the hat - thought I would try something different this time - what do you think?

Now am I going back to tidying the chaos that is my house or the calm and order that is crochet? No contest!

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