Friday, 25 April 2014

Sneaky Peek

I am so excited and relieved.  I have finally finished two projects that have taken flippin' ages!  I feel like I've broken up from school for the summer hols.

The skirt was from a pattern sent to me by the client (sort of - I did jiggle the motif design and slightly adjust the stitch pattern in the main fabric) and the dress is my own design.

I'm a bit unhappy with the photo of the dress which makes it look wide in the shoulders and a bit boxy - it really isn't. It also looks blue.  In reality the colour is a very dark gun-metal grey - gorgeous and very stylish! I'm so proud of them both.  I think they've turned out really well I'm just a terrible photographer.

Sewing the beads onto the dress took nearly as long as the crochet!  There are hundreds and hundreds of them.  I had to put them on afterwards rather than crocheting them in because the beads I liked best had a bore too small for the thread :)

Both are made in Yeoman Yarn.  The skirt is Ecru from their Cotton Club and the dress is made in their Canelle Cotton - main colour 'Storm' now sadly discontinued, second 'frill' in 'Mouse'.

They've been posted and I am nervously waiting for the customer's verdict.  Will she like them?  Fingers crossed ...

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