Thursday, 3 April 2014

More One Row Crochet Patterns

I promised that I would explain how to make the other type of one row leaves it has proved really quite tricky to put what I do with my hands into words but I have made an attempt - please let me know if it is completely incomprehensible.

Made using a 2.5 mm hook and some size 5 pearlized dmc embroidery thread.

 Make a 10 chain. Turn and { *work 1dc. in second chain from the hook.
Work a dc in the next two dc.**
ch 4
 turn and repeat from * to **

ss into base of the first leaf }
work a ss into the next three ch (down the stem)
ch 7
 turn and repeat from { to }
 ss into each of the remaining chains down the stem.
 These are the finished leaves but it is the simplest form. If you make a longer starting chain and use a range of stitches to make the leaves you can make more complicated shapes.

I made these leaves using htr, htr, dc, ss.
But why not experiment and share what happens

I have thought of several other things that you crochet with only one row. Here is one but I have three others for the next blog and by then I might have thought of more?


These are all made with chunky yarn and a 4mm hook.
Small: make a magic loop ch 1 and then work 8dc in the ring. I didn't join with a ss because you get a much neater finish if you join with a sewing needle.
Next size: magic circle 2ch, 10 htr in ring.
Next: magic circle 3ch 12 tr in the ring
Big: magic circle 4ch, 16 hdtr in the ring.

These are the same circles but I just liked the picture and that doesn't happen very often with my photography!

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