Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Last of the free one row patterns? Upcycling and a free form bag

 I have thought of a few more one row patterns but I wonder if I am cheating by not counting the foundation chain?

Use any yarn and a suitable hook.
Make a 30 chain. Tutn make two trebles in the third chain from the hook and then two trebles in every chain until you reach the end, At this point you can make another 30 chain to make the hanging loop or just fasten off.
This is another one of those magic crochet things because with only a little help the piece will make itself into a spiral.

People use them to decorate Christmas trees and I have incorporated them into free-form .
This is made with realy thick yarn. You can see it makes a spiral or an interesting flower.

The flower above reminded me that you can make roses with only one row.

ch 22, dc in second chain from hook.  ( work 5 tr in next chain and 1dc in next chain) repeat the stuff in the brackets until you run out of chain. Fasten off and roll the petals around each other to make the rose. When you are happy with the shape stitch it together.
I made these using a 2.5mm hook and 3ply cotton yarn. They would make a lovely corsage don't you think.


make a magic circle ( ch 6, ss  in the circle) repeat this 5 times more fasten off. Sew a bead in the middle to make the centre. 
I made the daisy in the middle with a scrap of tape yarn and the two to the left and right with cream 3 ply wool but they look a bit grubby compared to the pure white in the middle.

You may notice that the greenery around the daisies and the roses looks identical. Well this is mainly because it is! It is the piece that I explained in the last post and it seems to look well with both flowers. I leave the ends so that they are easy to sew on to things. A bunch of these looks fresh and spring like if sewn onto a cotton summer hat.

I haven't just been thinking about one row patterns this week. I have still been experimenting with free form.

I am a great believer in upcycling and recycling and, let's be honest saving money, when I can. So I was in a charity shop the other day and suddenly realised that you can buy bags for as little as a pound and that they have handles that would cost about £5 a pair. I bought two bags with the intention of cutting off the handles
but I got sidetracked into trying to cover one side of the smaller bag with scumbles. The other side is just an illustration of what can be done with one bag of our free form yarn. I have tried to let the thickness of the yarn do the shaping by starting at the bottom with the thickest and the biggest hook and working upwards to the finest yarn and the smallest hook.( I am a bit concerned that my beautiful hand made creations say Dorothy Perkins inside them.)
The photograph on the left was another attempt to improve my photographs but it has ended by looking as if the bag is about to be consumed by mechanical aliens.
By the way there is one draw back to recycling etc and that is that I have a house full of stuff that I can't bear to throw away in case it might be useful and it is starting to be difficult to move freely about the place because of the clutter.

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