Friday, 11 April 2014

More free-form or jig-saw puzzles.

I have been making packets of buttons and beads and winding wool for our free form kits so I have not done much crocheting recently. What I have done has been to work on my addiction.

These are the yarns I am using this time. There are different thicknesses, different fibres and different textures. The beauty of free form is it doesn't matter what you use and it is the perfect way to use up scraps of yarn
 This is the incomplete piece. Some of the scumbles are not yet attached but I suppose it gives an insight into how I work - make a few patches then add them and sew together then make a few more etc.
This started out to be a shawl then I thought cushion but found I had no cushion pads. Then I started to shape it to make a bag , at present I am thinking it could be a jacket. My thinking seems to be free form as well as the crochet!
There is a tiny granny square again so "Where's granny?" continues.

I have decided that there are two ways of doing this kind of work. Some people make a few motifs and then link them together with a crocheted  open mesh, others - like me- use the jig-saw approach. Which is either find a place where the latest patch fits or crochet a patch to fit the space available and any tiny gaps are covered with buttons or beads. I have a bad feeling that this is a bit like cutting off bits of the jig-saw piece to make it fit.

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