Friday, 28 March 2014

Stock Taking and Free Form Crochet.

We have some shows in a month or so, so I thought I had better check on our stock in case we needed to make new things.

First box was full of creatures: don't need mice do need more tiny horses. Definitely don't need any more giant chickens!

The second box was a mistake I should never have opened it - sooo many hats that I e-mailed Vicky to check if it was ok to get rid of some of them. As you know my latest passion is free form and as I sorted out the hats I had a brain wave why not add scrumbles to the plain hats?

This is a little  mottled pink beanie and here it is with a few bits added but I plan to add more. Of course now I can't get rid of the hats!

I have finished the srcumble rainbow. I am really pleased with it. It makes a lovely scarf - even the tassles ( or tassels?) are free form. If I make another one I will make it longer and thinner and perhaps use a smaller range of colours so that it can be worn with a particular outfit.

I have stopped stock taking for now for three reasons:

1. When I opened the the third box I discovered more creatures so I have to sort before I stock take.
2. I have a pile of stuff that I can't put into any particular category/box like these.

You would think I would have made at least a dozen

Perhaps this should be with the Christmas stuff or maybe the Valentines day stuff or then again it could be with the phone/bag charms - I don't think I was meant to be organised.

3. I need to go and scrumble some hats.