Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Some Eyedeas for Good and bad Mothers day Gifts

The answer to the ding bat (from the last post) this is an eye pod.

I have an ever growing collection of these. I have shared in a previous blog: the blue eyed boy, the brown eyed girl, the green eyed monster and the red eye. Matthew and Graham keep thinking of new ones which I then try to make. Here are a few more:

 These are birds eye. the black eye and a bulls eye - I think I might add horns to this one.
 A cats eye?
An eye pad.

I promised a few more suggestions for mothers day gifts, so how about a soft toy or a pretty hat? For the more affluent there is one beautiful shawl which would make a lovely gift.. Visit the web site there are lots of things there or look back in this blog for more ideas.
This got me thinking I wonder if there are things that are not suitable as Mothers Day gifts? Here are two candidates for the least suitable mothers day presents.

The string bag is not too bad but the string dish cloth is definitely not a suitable present unless you promise to use it for your mum.

This is a bit short - I don't know why but I am having a week where I feel as if I have no time  but I think the truth is that it takes me twice as long to do anything these days. Still who cares I can take my time now I am retired - perhaps this is the trouble?

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