Monday, 17 February 2014

Remembering and Ideas for Mothers Day Gifts

Vicky reminded me that it is mothers day very soon which set me thinking about my own mum. She was a crafter extraordinaire, making her own chutneys, jams and jellies from fruit and vegetables that she had grown but also she crocheted clothes for me, and knitted and sewed for both Vicky and Matthew. There is still a blanket crocheted from delicate hexagons on my Dad's bed. Sadly I don't have any of her crochet but here are a couple of examples of what she did.

The picture is made from pressed leaves but unfortunately it is starting to crumble. The patchwork is a hand sewn family history, made from the leftovers of her sewing. There are bits of the material used to make my school uniform dresses( don't forget that I am retired and aged 65), there are bits from the maternity smocks that she made for me when I was expecting Vicky and patches made from the first angel tops she made for Vicky. There are lots of bits that I don't recognise but I really love this quilt. It inspires me to start a similar thing to pass on to Vicky but it would have to be crochet!
Before I turn into Dolly Parton (whose music I also love incidentally) here are some suggestions for affordable mothers day presents that I would like to receive.

Yummy cakes and biscuits that are not at all fattening - it might be diplomatic not to say that to your mum though. I made these as a demonstration but I am willing to make other varieties.

Maybe your mum likes jewelry?

We can make these in any colour combination.

The phone charms above are small but will serve to remind your Mum of you every time she gets her phone out. The ones to the right are bigger and have a dingbats theme, If I tell you that the one with a hat and a dirty mac is a private EYE (get it?) perhaps you can work out the other one.

If your mum is a crafter we have hook rolls needle cases and pin cushions.

What about a tablet case or a paper weight. To be honest the paper weight is just a beach pebble that I have crocheted round.

    These are not great pictures but we have bees that we sell to bee keepers and others. There is also a beautiful jeweled dragon fly but we have never sold this to a dragon keeper. The black string you can see is to hang it up by.

What about treating Mum to a pair of barefoot sandals or a lovely lacy collar?

A cheery caterpillar or a tiny mouse if she likes soft toys.

A purse or a pansy each with brooch backs.
We do sell all of these things but I think mums will much prefer it if you make something yourself so perhaps you can use these to give you ideas about what you might make.
By the way Vicky I would like a green dragon fly please.
P.S There are a few more ideas that I will include next time together with the answer to the eye puzzle.

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