Monday, 10 February 2014

More crochet and more Portugal.

The beach that we walked along was famous for its EAR/EYE shells. The Portuguese consider them very lucky. The pictures show two sides of the same shell, how did that happen?


This is an owl purse crocheted from the same yarn as the hat (see the last blog) but the real reason for showing you this is the strange effect that moving the flap has on his expression. Vicky discovered this when she was making were wolf, phone cosys (really). On the left the flap is behind the button eyes on the right the flap is in front of the eyes. Nothing else has changed but he looks slightly scared or incredibly cross, these could possibly make nice mood indicators.

Here is another thing that I learnt in Portugal. They are made from those plastic rings used for blinds or bra straps, some 3 or 4 ply cotton and a piece of ribbon. They would make attractive jewelry or maybe belts. I am trying to write a pattern, the ring part is really easy but trying to illustrate how to thread the ribbon is really not.
Finally today, Vicky tells me that people want the pattern for these snakes that I shared in an earlier blog, but it so difficult to make the big ones that I thought I would try a smaller version

So based on a bendy curler ( 24 cm by about 1 cm ) I made my first snake, very carefully writing the pattern as I went. This is the result

Unbelievably skinny body with huge head. The trouble is that I crochet by look and feel and writing somehow interferes with that process but I am determined ( some might say pig headed ) so here is my second try.

The proportions are slightly better but I got engrossed in the crochet and forgot to write the pattern. Still third time lucky I hope.
Most of this blog seems to be about my failed attempts at writing patterns but we do have lots for sale that are for a range of abilities and we are always willing to offer support if you get stuck so check them out and get in touch.

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