Friday, 17 January 2014

Crocheted Creatures, Cute and Creepy

I have been planning this project for ages.

In a previous blog I showed a bendy cat that I had made from bendy hair curlers and I felt that the idea could be  used for other animals. The snake is made around a very long version of those curlers. I am sure it is not meant to be a curler but I am not very sure what it is intended for, all I know is Ben and Danny thought it was a wonderful weapon! It is made with a variegated yarn that I had in my stash which seems to have worked well but I did find it quite difficult to stuff around the bendy thing and it has ended up looking as though it has just had a small rodent for lunch, which it hasn't digested yet (gross!).

From creepy to cute. My second book of 'Ami Ami Dogs'  arrived yesterday so I had to try it. Don't you just love him. He is about 3 inches high and made from synthetic fibre DK. The pattern suggests felting the spots onto him but I didn't have a felting needle so these are made from a sort of velvety velour yarn and are sewn on,
I promised a pattern for the butterflies on the hair clips (see previous blog) I have written it with explanatory photographs etc but I don't know how to transfer a word document to this medium - I will ask my children tomorrow
I have just thought Vickie's mother in law, Dot, is coming tomorrow as well and she has a snake phobia. My snake is so lifelike that I had better find it a hiding place so that I don't frighten anyone!

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