Thursday, 2 January 2014

Crocheted, container covers continued, A Valentine start and Bavarian Rainbow Revisited.

Here is the Ferrero Rocher box as promised but first a tip: if you are going to cover an object always make the cover a bit smaller than you think. Crochet fabric always has some give or stretch and the cover looks better if it is tight over the box. As you can see I did not take my own advice but I seem to learn something from each new project -whether I remember it next time is another matter!

I started this one from the inside and made the box shape twice as tall as the box. When I had finished I Pushed the base until it matched the base of the box and folded the surplus length over to cover the outside of the box. I am going to use it in the bedroom to hold all those weird things that accumulate and don't have a place. Like safety pins, spare buttons and hair clips.

As I said last time I still have part of my mind on what String Theory Crochet needs next. I suppose that will be Valentines gifts. I found these delightful heart shaped clips (they are called lobster claws but I don't think it is very romantic to give your sweetheart a lobster claw do you?) so I have started to think about how to use them. Please bear in mind that these are very early thoughts, experiments and trials  and I have some other ideas for very small things like these.

I like the flower best so far but the tiny mouse is also very attractive (dare I say cute?) he is smaller than half of my little finger.
Finally today I thought you might like to see the progress of the Bavarian Rainbow crochet.

. I really love this I am making it from three or four ply cotton yarn. My plan is to keep going until the yarn runs out but I have to say it is taking more than an hour to go once round and each colour is two rounds, so the bedspread may become a throw - I think I have already passed the cushion cover size

There are times when my crochet goes right and this is one of them I hope you like it as much as I do.

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