Monday, 13 January 2014

Crochet eyes, spinning and enormous doilies!

Eye know you have seen some of these before! We will soon be making a pattern for them or you can order them from us. Their names are:the green eyed monster, the red eye, the blue eyed boy, the little yellow eyedol (sorry), the black eye, and the brown eyed girl. There are three more to follow -why not collect them all?

Now I want you to be amazed at how green we have been. Vicky saved ends of yarn that crocheters and knitters usually throw away. Graham carded the ends and then spun them into this really interesting, chunky yarn and then I crocheted the yarn to show you what it will do.

It gives a gorgeous textured finish that I will make into a bag when we have enough.

This is another piece of practice spinning which I think will be lovely when we have enough.

As you can probably tell I don't have as much crocheting as usual to show you. This is because I have been trying out the pattern in this months 'Inside Crochet'. It is called A Juliana Shawl and is based on a Dutch doily pattern. As you can see I have started twice because I ran out of yarn and am waiting for the next lot to arrive, so I started again and I am now nearing the end, this time using some Denis Brunton magi colour yarn.

Neither piece has been blocked and it is difficult to see the beautiful colours but it is a lovely pattern. Thank you Inside crochet.
I am now going to crochet some skulls for a customer. A crocheters life is nothing if not variegated (or is that the yarn)

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