Monday, 2 December 2013

Proud Mum, Alsatians and Alice

I haven't had much time for blogging but I shouldn't complain as the reason I haven't had much time is we keep selling everything and I have to keep making more. The real reason for this particular missal is to be a proud mum and show off my daughter's talent aren't these absolutely astoundingly beautiful. It is hard to believe that they are crochet but they are. I honestly believe that we could have sold them 50 times over at the last craft fair. They were made for a dog walking company together with a white west highland - I hope Vicky will add a picture so you can see this one as well.

And who said string bags were for grannies?

Made using an un-credited chart found online.  Please let us know if you can give us the source.
I am still having computer problems so I will add some more pictures while I can - before its next break down

Pictures of the most recent stall don't you love the robin choir?

 Some of our best sellers 'Despicable Me' inspired evil minions.

Some little gifts

Some mad hats

A little girl called Alice whose favourite colour is purple so guess which hat she chose to try on.

All in all a very successful fortnight now I have to try and hide all the yarn and crocheting paraphernalia in order to get people in the house at Christmas. In the past we have not stocked up on booze until very close to Christmas day because we always have to buy it again as we have drunk it in advance. This year the drink has been sitting in a cupboard and we have ignored it (must be getting old) but tonight I might just open the bottle of scotch - so if you see us at Tilehurst on Saturday you may find the robins look a bit lopsided!

Thanks mum!  Here is the Westie.  German Shepherds are my own design but this one is made using a brilliant pattern by Christine Lucas.  Victoria x

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