Saturday, 28 December 2013

Two small gentle men, some creatures and a scary cat

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas I know I did. One of the joys of Christmas is having my grandsons visit and this year my brother's grand children also came for a brief time. The picture above gives you some idea of the difference in age and size of three of the children but the two big boys looked after the little girl so well that I am thinking of making this the picture on my Christmas cards for next year. The most lasting and moving image I shall carry with me is of Ben aged 5 putting on Ellie's (aged 2) shoes with absolute concentration and gentleness.

Apart from my amazing family time, I did do some crocheting, mostly preparing for the spring and valentines day.

I have also made other colours but I like this one best.

More animals which prove I have not eaten all of the Christmas sweets.
A pretty hat made in the car travelling to Weston Super Mare.

Then there is this. I freely admit that I am a dog person but I have had cats in my time and so every now and then I try to make one but somehow I always miss out on the essential catness of the creature.

 Face on it looks like a passable bear but from the side it looks like something the wicked witch of the east would be proud of. Ah well back to the drawing board. Happy New Year to all.

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