Friday, 6 December 2013

Dog Sitting, A Tiny Tortoise hat, A Tiny Pony and A Christmas Ball

I am really struggling with my computer but I think Father Christmas may be bringing me one so I can't really do anything about it at the moment. I am also dog sitting and the little dog keeps bringing me his toy to play with. As it happens his toy is the inside from some yarm - yet another use for those cones inside balls of yarn!

I often crochet without a pattern but the past few days I have made three things using other peoples amazing patterns.
This is my 'Big Knit' (Big Crochet?) 'hat'.  It is sitting on my salt pot but it is supposed to sit on an Innocent Smoothie bottle. The pattern is free and I think there are lots of others on 'The Big Knit' web site. 

We are doing our last Christmas fair at Tilehurst on Saturday (lots of bargains as we clear our Christmas stock). So I thought I would start thinking about next year. One of our favourite fairs is the Hurst Horse Fair so I went back to a pattern for horses but tried it with sparkly yarn and silver hooves. I should have included something to give scale because it is hard to see that it is very tiny.

And finally I have already shared the site for this amazing pattern. It is supposed to be around a bauble so that you can hang it on your tree but I have stuffed it and I have a beautiful ball.

It is made using size 4 DMC Tapestry Cotton and a size 2.5mm hook. I didn't use a whole skein of any of the colours so I may try to make another one tonight.

The dog has changed toys having found a tennis ball that it keeps bringing for me to throw but it is now stuck under the sofa so it has decided that balls of wool are as good if not better. Now I am a real dog lover but if I have to choose between dog and yarn, well no contest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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