Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Present Episode 3

I am a great reader of science fiction and fantasy. Very often you read the first novel of a trilogy and enjoy it so much that you go out and buy the second one. You are then desperate to get to the inevitable happy ending  but find that the third novel has not been printed yet. So you wait and wait and finally the book comes out when you have forgotten what happened in the first two books! What is worse the trilogy has become a quadrilogy - is there such a word? It doesn't matter that the saga has become more and more books if you are enjoying it but sometimes you just want to know what happens in the end. Now I am not arrogant enough to put myself in the same group as great science fiction writers so I will try to finish my trilogy today!
Synopsis: episode 1 how to make the flowers
                episode 2 how to make simple and sometimes beautiful things with the flower buttons
                EPISODE 3 expepriments and extensions of the ideas.

I decided I needed something festive:

Red flowers with gold buttons if you made it longer it would make a good decoration or garland.

What happens if the buttons are not at the tip of a petal? Here the buttons are made of shell and varnished a shiny black and sewn to  the middle of the flower.

A lovely bracelet or choker don't you think? This also gives a much firmer feel.

Then I wanted to work out how I could make a wider fabric so ( ignoring the colour scheme perhaps) I sewed on two buttons like this.
 The idea being that you could link the flowers vertically and horizontally

Joining the flowers like this you could make shawls and skirts - although you would need to make sure the buttons fitted tightly in the petals!

So then I started thinking about making the join between buttons more secure. I made a 6 petal flower and joined like this:


This is lovely soft yarn and I intend to finish this scarf over Christmas so I can wear it when the weather gets really cold..

Finally it occured to me that not everybody has buttons in vast quantities (like me) so I started working on an idea for the buttonless flower chain - no sewing either!

These flowers are just threaded onto the chain. I have shown the back and the front so you can see what I did. This is a lovely hairband ( especially good for the music festival season when the summer comes) and you could sew buttons into the middle of each flower if you wanted to.
Sometimes I have what I think is a brilliant idea BUT!!!
When you look at the left hand picture you can see why I thought that buttoning two dark green flowers together would make good holly leaves. But when you see them buttoned to the festive chain you can see that this was an error!
I love to experiment but my grasshopper mind is already thinking about the next idea and so I don't develop the ideas properly so if anybody out there does use these ideas please show me the results.
Vicky and I wish you all a Happy Christmas and remember keeping your hands busy with crochet could stop you eating and drinking too much. ( well maybe not )
Lynn and Vicky


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