Friday, 1 November 2013

the Lookout, Baubles and Monsters.

Ben and Danny and Graham and me went to the Look Out at Bracknell yesterday we had a lovely time. as you can see.

 Ben and Danny built this

Playing With Water 
We climbed towers, watched a bubble show, assembled a body and played with light amongst many other things Highly recommended for children and grandmas.
I promised some finer crochet so this is what I have been trying over the last few days.

 This was my first attempt several things wrong -first the colour and second it is really too big for a bauble but I might try making them like this at Easter.


I have got better but I think the final one which is still drying in the kitchen is the best yet.
This is another one of Vicky's brilliant ideas. She gave me a bag of water bomb type balloons. So you crochet a vauguely balloon shaped bag and then put the balloon inside before blowing it up. Then blow it up and tie off the neck of the ballon before tying the crochet around the neck. Next paint the crochet with fabric stiffener and leave to dry. Next day pop the balloon and you are left with these lovely delicate baubles. One of these stated to go down before the stiffener was completely dry so I got the hair dryer to finish off the drying process and as a bonus the air inside the balloon also got warm and expanded so I was able to keep the original size and shape. I am going to try a white one next and add some glitter.

More thread type decorations some made by me and some made by Vicky. Unfortunately I can't find a picture of the beautiful lacy collars that Vicky made or of the table centre doilies that she made for an American wedding.

The rest of the day/evening was spent with this monster but which is more scary the background or the foreground?

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