Thursday, 21 November 2013

Gift bags, Chocolate Crackers, Peace and Love

My computer is really playing up so it might take me several days to do this. Anyway Vicky and I had a conversation about adding some more decorations to our Christmas range and I had some new cotton yarn in jewel colours which I was dying to use. These little bags are the result. I thought they would be nice for small gifts or for hanging sweets on the tree. Each one has a silver charm either on a Christmas theme or saying 'For a special Grandma', I am going to put sweets in them on Sunday at the Wokingham  Carnival.

I can't remember why I decided to do crackers but here they are each with a 'Celebration' chocolate inside.

 Then I read in this months 'Simply Crochet' that the seasons colour was white so I made these.

They are made to hang on the tree and each one can be untied so that you can eat the chocolate and then reuse it next year (not the chocolate -the cracker)
As I said last time we are at the Wokingham Christmas Carnival this Sunday and its theme is the sixties so I have been making bunting in the form of beads and bells, I know what I am doing looks authentic because I was there! My neighbour even offered to lend me a kaftan but I think it is going to be cold so I need to wear lots of layers - I never would have even thought about body temperature in the actual sixties.
Peace man.


  1. They all look fantastic & very festive! Hop you do FAB at the carnival x

    1. Thanks Ali! Mum's designs but she is struggling with her computer and asked me to thank you on her behalf. She's good, isn't she?