Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Diminishing Phone Charms and Teeny Tiny Christmas Puddings

It is funny how your mind works. Having made a pair of owls I went to look at what we still have in stock and look what I found. They all look slightly bemused and bewildered probably don't like crowds. So then I thought what else can you have in pairs ( I have a few double chain thingies left)

Mouse and his cheese. I think the mouse has a really charming face but he won't look so good if he eats all of that cheese. Mouse is made with variegated 3ply yarn and three little black beads. the cheese is 4ply cotton in two different yellows. Can you imagine anything better than a piece of cheese as big as you are? Mind you I am not sure I would want to be chained to it.

So then I thought you might like to see all of the phone charms and key rings we have in stock but I didn't realise how many we had so here are just a few.

and a better view of the ones lying down:

Some of them we have put on here before but they are a pair of hearts, a tiny sparkly red purse, a tiny blue draw-string bag, a bee and a flower, and an alien. But there are many more and we are always willing to try new suggestions. Having made a small owl I went for the record

This is the smallest owl yet. So on the subject of small I thought could I make really tiny Christmas puddings - I think the answer is yes, these must surely be the smallest - unless you know better!!!

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