Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Wreath Taste Test and Some Really Cute Pugs.

We are going to have an outdoor stall at the Wokingham Winter Carnival next Sunday and wouldn't you know it the weather is turning cold. To make things worse Vicky's boys have both had a bug and now she has fallen and hurt one of her precious crocheting fingers. I am sure it will all be ok by Sunday (touch wood with your fingers crossed please but not if you are Vicky). We went to this show last year and it was very successful so I am trying to make sure we have enough stock:

I didn't really make this one the things are just pinned on, this was to show Vicky my bad taste!

This one I did make and I like the combination of big buttons and the crocheted bow. If I have time I might make some more of these in different colours. Confession: I have a hoard of buttons as well as yarn.
I have also been trying to fill an order for pug dogs and I am really pleased with the result but I am not sure they are pugs.

These are the phone charm/key
ring version

These are pictures of a slightly bigger version. He looks as if he wants you to throw the ball.

And here they are together. I made the big one from a pattern in the Ami Ami Dogs book by Mitsuki Hoshi.
I must get back to making more stuff. Hope to see you in Wokingham on Sunday.

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