Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Very Successful Day With Robins, Penguins,and Puddings

This will need to be unbelievably quick. We were so successful at Wokingham that I need to make stock for the next fair which is at Edgebarrow school on Thursday!!
The Wokingham carnival was amazing and not only did we sell huge amounts but  we have had several orders since. Not unaturally people want their order before Christmas so Vicky and I are going to be very busy.

Here we are set up and ready to go. We were on the pavement just outside the toy shop and the weather was largely very good. Vicky forgot her coat but she was never really cold.We were still there as night fell and although the camera struggled a bit the next two pictures give some idea of the atmosphere.

There was an impressive parade in the dusk which came so close to our stall you could reach out and write your name in the dust on the vehicles!

Once upon a time Vicky found a button that  looked just like a red nose. So lynn made a reindeer head but we cannot have 'they all lived happily ever after' because we are still working out how to make the rest of him. Any suggestions please?

I have made about a million Christmas puddings over the last few weeks they seem to be very popular. Even more popular are Vickys robins and penguins but she is so busy filling orders that I thought I would try to help out by making'some for the next fair. 

If you want to laugh it is worth going to our Facebook site to see what the real thing is supposed to look like. My ones look like a mutant ninja penguin and a robin whose mum has stuffed  him in his really warm but slightly small jumper. Ah well back to   the drawing board.

And finally: the most popular products by far were Despicable me inspired characters.We sold every single one so I can't show you the ones Vicky made so here is a phone cover that I have just made -not anything like as good.
I must apologise if this is full of mistakes but I am in a great hurry to get back to making stuff for Thursday. Mind you I expect these blogs are always full of mistakes it is just that today I have an excuse.

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