Monday, 4 November 2013

A small dog, yarn and crochet kits

It has been a complicated day. First I went to post christmas puddings to America and managed to find the longest queue in the civilized world. then I went to fetch my visitor for the day. his name is Alfie and he obviously has very good taste.

He obviously loves yarn just like me. My love of yarn is the reason for the other complication today because this arrived.

It is beautiful soft cotton for summer hats probably covered in daisies. The trouble is that my current yarn rule is that if you buy yarn you have to get rid of some. This is because we are running out of space and I have so much yarn that I forget what I have got and often buy more and then find I already have some. Anyway you true yarn addicts will understand. So these two lots are going on ebay:
Treat it as a puzzle,you have to try and find two balls that are the same

This is a set of Christmas Yarns and Beads.
We have some other kits to make stars and snow flakes, a lovely robin and a set of jingling bells.

The stars are probably suitable for an intermediate crocheter but the robin and bells are very easy. All of the kits contain everything you will need as well as a pattern and a hook.

I havn't had much time for crochet so here is how the baubles are coming on:

They are mostly sparkly but it is very difficult to see. They look really pretty but I have overdone the stiffener on the red ones and they look as if they have a really bad case of dandruff - you live and learn!

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