Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Versatile Tarn, A Snowman and a Visit

I have been making snowmen to replenish stock but as I was looking for more white d.k/ I found some white tarn.  I think it is not made from t-shirts but from courtelle or nylon, possibly the edges of old fashioned sheets. Immediately I stopped making little, hang it on your Christmas tree snowmen, and made this.

He is about 40cm high including his hat and really soft and cuddly. He also reminded me of these:

Vicky made these from t-shirt yarn and they are about the size of the average two year old. I think they are truly inspired but I like the lion with his mane out of his face.

These are also made from the same material. The top one is a rug made by me , what really strikes me is how much better the laminated floor looked then. The gorgeous footstool is designed and made by Vicky. She wrote the pattern for Inside Crochet magazine and another footstool pattern is our still our best seller.  I love working with this really thick yarn and a big hook because the work grows so quickly but also because of its versatility and amazing range of colours.

I have a bad feeling that I may have already inflicted my enthusiasm for tarn on you - if so put it down to an old person becoming forgetful and just enjoy the pictures. To compensate next time I will share some of the finer work we have produced.

Tomorrow Ben and Danny are coming to play and the day after the plumber is coming. I am really looking forward to one of these events and it is not the plumber.

Serendipity, mum!  Just as I start collecting our free T-shirt yarn patterns together you blog about it.  They will slowly appear on their own page here - click the tab above to see which are there already.
I also have a better picture of the lion and a picture of my favourite T-shirt yarn make - your snakes and ladders board:

Victoria x

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