Monday, 21 October 2013

Time Team. Gifts, Hats and My Family.

Still amazingly busy. Lots of orders and making things for the various shows, so this will be quite brief.

I have been doing mostly the same things as last time: making tiny things to keep our stock at a reasonable level. So many people have looked at the little purses that I have decided to make one a day in case we have a huge influx of orders. I am also trying to make one pudding and one stocking a day. I sit in my chair with light above it to crochet and always manage to sit down in time to watch an old episode of Time Team - what a coincidence. This is what I did as I watched Tony and Phil the dig today.

A a tiny sparkling purse and a corsage whose gorgeous colours are not obvious in the photograph.

I have also tried out a hat pattern that I found in a magazine. I didn't have the right yarn so I have used a sparkly purple and a lilac together and I really like the effect but once again the photograph has not reproduced the colours very well. I must try and take a daylight picture tomorrow. That is supposing we get any between the rain showers.

Vicky and I had a conversation at the weekend about how pony tails and buns are fashionable at the moment and she had some good ideas about making hats to accomodate the hairstyle. These are my prototype attempts to realise her suggestions.

I have also been looking through the box of last years Christmas stock to make up a 50p box of bargains but look what I found

These are rocks from one of our holidays. I have crocheted round them so that we can use them to hold things down on a windy day. The trouble is they are not much use if you forget that you have them and leave them in a box for a year!

I am really happy about the amount of yarn I have used lately. I am almost convinced that my hoard looks smaller. BUT, and this is a but that I am really glad about, my 91 year old father and his partner
(aged 93) keep buying me more yarn as their contribution to the family business. It is heart warming to have the support of your family no matter how old you get.

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