Sunday, 6 October 2013

Walking, Zombie Owl and Snowball Headbands

The trouble with the sun shining is that it makes it obvious that the windows really need cleaning. So use the sunshine and go for a lovely walk where you can't see the windows. Graham and I went for a walk and photographed the many fungus to be found ar this time of the year. Inspiring colours and shapes to try and crochet as well

This is my where's Wally fungus picture. It is there if you look carefully

I haven't done as much crocheting lately because I have been walking in the countryside and having a lovely lunch with my family but needless to say there is some.

This is a sad tale they were meant to be the Owl and the Pussy cat but seem to have ended up being the Living dead mouse /bear and the zombie owl - still they can be part of the Halloween collection. Every pea green boat has a silver lining. I love the profile. Sideways on he looks like a self important clerk from a victorian novel.

Not everything I do is crochet but is nearly always yarn related. Here are some snowball head bands made using sparkly dk yarn, a pom-pom maker and my trusty glue gun - no crafter should be without one of these.

Please note the attempt at an arty picture with pears and shadows - makes it even more obvious that I am a scientist I am afraid.

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