Monday, 28 October 2013

Shows, Pumpkins and Yoda Annoying He is.

It seems a long time since we were last here. Stu (Vickys partner ) and Dot his Mum went to a small fair at Buckleberry ( yes that Buckleberry but no sign of George). Vicky and I went to a larger fair at Bisham Abbey, so no time for blogging. We did quite well at both fairs but disappointingly we forgot to take a camera so we can't share what the stall looked like. Even more disappointingly we can't show you how beautiful the great hall at the Abbey is,- well worth a visit and there is another craft fair there soon.

We weren't very happy with our usual Christmas display which is difficult to describe but is a bit like a set of heavy metal antlers. This is a cake or candle holder, I am not sure which, but our little decorations seem to fit perfectly and it is vaguely Christmas tree shaped. What do you think? I am a bit worried about some of the penguins, they look as if they are about to quack their last  - if penguins can quack that is. The little fat robins look as if they have fluffed up their feathers for the winter and found a really comfortable perch - gorgeous!
I had a moment of panic just before the Abbey show and thought we ought to have some more Halloween type stuff so I made these.

And Ben and Danny made these which their uncle grew.

Here is the most annoying thing this week.

I decided to make a smaller version of the Yoda hat but I managed to put the face on the side where the join is.  So much less photogenic he is.

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