Friday, 18 October 2013

Presents, Packaging and Photography

We are very busy getting ready for the Christmas fairs and shows and completing Christmas orders. If you are thinking of ordering presents, order early. We are making beautiful, quirky and unusual gifts at reasonable prices. Here are some of the collection of things that only cost £3.50 or you can choose any three for ten pounds.

Hearts, owls, stockings, puddings, tiny purses (if you want to give money for Christmas they will hang on the tree), 3 wooden snowflakes (as one lot), not shown we also have robins and penguins and lots of desirable phone charms.
Enough advertising. Spent Tuesday morning in accident and emergency - Grahams knee had collapsed so I took him to hospital - I still managed to crochet two and a half Christmas stockings while I waited. Nobody turned a hair so I guess old ladies crocheting has become common place in hospitals - hooray!
Here are the latest additions

I have said before that I am no good at packaging here is a perfect example.
A chocolate stuck to box lid.

                                        A chocolate cosy on the chocolate

box closed with ribbon and a tiny die-cut gift tag.

If I am honest this was all Vicky's idea but I still can't make it look like an expensive gift.
You will probably notice what look like bits of string in some of these photographs. This is because I put price tags on lots of things yesterday. Vicky finds setting up the stall stressful I find pricing things equally difficult. I am between not underselling considering all the time effort and love that has gone into making them and not making things so expensive that people can't afford them.
And finally today, I heard someone talking about being photographed and she said that as you get older you should insist on being photographed from above. Even insisting that the photographer uses a ladder.
This is the same stuff as earlier does it look better when I stand on a chair with the camera?

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