Wednesday, 16 October 2013

More Christmas and Packaging

When we went to the Knit and Stitch Show last week one of our missions was to look at packaging. We want to make our packaging look professional and to have a particular image. The trouble is that we have so many different things it is difficult make them all look like part of a range from the same people.It is mainly my fault because I find it difficult to make lots of things which are the same. I always have the next thing I want to try in my head and I usually make things that take no longer than a day. So we have lots of small things to package. The result of all of this is that I spent quite a few hours trying to make my computer/printer produce cards of various sizes all bearing our logo and and web address.

To make matters worse we are trying to introduce some more supplies for crafters, such as the ribbon shown above. Mind you the ribbon will probably be used to make Christmas presents look pretty.

Enough of packaging here is the crochet:

You may recognise the hearts but I have added owls and poinsettia and I think it is a huge improvement.
Not as much as usual because I have been doing a baby blanket for one of our very good customers. So here are some more of our Christmas decorations.
All made with a plastic ring somewhere in their construction
A tiny wreath made on a curtain ring.


Lovely thread bells that really ring

I love Vicky's penguins. They always look happy and
very slightly mad.


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