Sunday, 13 October 2013

Knit and Stitch and Aliens.

Testing the new yarn

Vicky and I went to the knitting an stitching show at Alexander Palace. Lovely day buying sparkly yarn, sparkly ribbons and tools that you didn't know you needed. A bit crowded and I was very tired at the end of the day but sharing the spoils at home was like finding the goods all over again. If you ever go plan in advance what you want to see because it is too big to see everything in one day

The Yarn - well some of it

This is seriously the best device in the universe. I am not in the first flush of youth and threading a needle has become more difficult but not anymore. It was demonstrated by a partially sighted lady who was able to thread a needle using it. I bought Vicky one but then it was so good that I had to go back and get myself one.

I have also been crocheting as usual. What do you think this is going to be?

What is this going to be?

Add a cardboard tube. Sew the edges together leaving a small gap for stuffing. Stuff and complete sewing. Add a top and a bottom.

So do you know what it is yet?

Add some portholes. some beads and a small alien and you have a flying saucer.
We struggle with crochet suitable for boys but this was so popular with my grandsons that I am making them one each. So I thought it was worth sharing. You can shut the alien in its ship and button the lid down, Then if you unbutton the lid and push up on the bottom the alien rises out of the hatch.

Every time I know I am going to be near yarn I tell myself that I must not buy any. I also make rules like no buying yarn unless you get rid of some. But all you yarn addicts know what happens. I wonder if I could go cold turkey or join yarnoholics anonymous?

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