Friday, 4 October 2013

Christmas mitts and magazines, some strange creatures and another tip

I found a new crochet magazine a few days ago called CROCHET with a subtitle of gifts for Christmas. It has some really nice patterns like woodland amigurumi, hedgehog mittens, a mischevious elf and many more. It has sections on gifts for girls and gifts for boys, cosy homes etc.  I rarely use patterns directly but to me the magazine  is like a primeval soup of things waiting to evolve.
Often magazines and pictures are the source of inspiration for my next project.

These fingerless mitts are made more or less from the pattern (excellent pattern for beginners incidentally) with only a slight alteration to the edging. As I made them I was thinking of the stall we will be having at the Wokingham Winter Carnival, where we sell mainly decorations and Christmas gifts. So look what happened to the next pair that I made.

They have become father christmas mitts. It is not obvious from the photo but the main part of the glove is made from a strand of sparkly yarn (like Twilleys Goldfingering) and a strand of double knitting used together. The ordinary white dk was used for the top edging and the fluffy yarn was used st the bottom. I did 3 stitches of white in each row to make the cuff of the glove fan out a bit.

I have also been making little things  that children will like and be able to afford but I am not sure about these. I am not even sure what they are.

There is always one that does not look at the camera

This last photograph and the one of the red mitts makes me realise just how much crochet is a part of my life. Here you can see the pink tarn basket/pot holder, the busy lizzies seem to thrive in this container as it holds moisture. I think Vicky crocheted this one but I can't be sure. Then if you look closely at the red mitts picture you can see the edge of a footstool also crocheted using tarn from a design and pattern by Vicky.
While I was typing I just thought of another tip for anyone who sells outside in the winter that is, take cardboard or polystyrene to stand on it certainly helps keep your feet warm. But it can become a soggy mess if it rains and is a trip hazard if  it gets bent. Do you know I would rather have a soggy, twisted ankle than cold feet!

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