Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Eden Project, a Star in a Ring and a Very Cute Dog

Back from the Eden project. How amazing is that? We took my Dad aged 91 and his lady friend, Ellen, aged 92 and although they struggled to walk round more than one of the biomes Ellen discovered a new interest in craft. This is what she made during the evening and during the long journey to and from Cornwall.

She has crocheted two chains and made lots of pom-poms and together they make a nice festive decoration. What makes this more remarkable is that she did it all by feel because she can see almost nothing. She used a pom-pom maker and I cut and tied for her but well done Ellen I say.

I didn't do as much crocheting as I would have liked while I was away but I did make these, I hope I remember how I did the snow flake because I would like to do some more.

Double knitting and a plastic ring of about 6 inches diameter.

Whenever possible I make at least one pink one of anything because it is so popular with little and not so little girls.

Best of all when I got back my new crochet book was waiting for me. Called AMI AMI DOGS by Mitsuki Hoshi so of course I had to try to make a dog immediately.

I have said before I don't like the word cute but he really is. There are lots of dogs of different breeds in the book all based on the same idea but I have to say I wouldn't recommend it to a novice crocheter but if you want a challenge it is amazing. A tip from the book: because his head is so big he has a metal nut in his bottom as a counter weight to stop him falling over. I have a natural counter weight and I know I will never need an artificial one no matter how big my head gets.

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