Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Snowflakes, Mobiles and an Elf

Today we had an invitation to a local Christmas craft fair so to build up stock I am in full christmas mode. Vicky will join in nearer the time; for now she is so much in demand for her crochet and knitting skills and she lives in the present not the future, or more often the past, like her mother
So in my search for clever new Christmas ideas I came across the following:
Here is a free pattern for a really interesting flower used as a pot holder, I like it as a Christmas decoration.
And this one is for making Christmas elves also free. I just love this one because it is exploiting something that used to happen to my crocheting by accident. These curly spirals are now used for all sorts of things and are not just an annoying side effect - crocheters have amazing minds.

This is what I did Saturday. It is based on two rings that fit inside each other a bit like an embroidery hoop. The stars are made from some dk cotton and the moon is made from fine white cotton and a blue irridescent thread together, so it sparkles in the right light. The crocheting was much easier then taking the picture, trying to get them all facing the same way at the same time nearly drove me to distraction.  I must have taken at least 30 photographs. Finally I set the camera on fast repeat and spun all of the little things until one of the hundreds of photographs was right.

Well nearly!

I have also carried on making at least one snowflake a day. They say no two snowflakes are alike so if you want to be true to nature and make lots of different snowflakes, let me recommend the book: 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio. Lovely clear instructions, stitch diagrams and photographs of every single one.

I have used the patterns in the book and then crocheted around the bangle catching the points of the snowlakes at regular intervals. I suppose I am cheating a bit by having colours other than white.

We emptied the paddling pool this weekend and I am trying to dry it ready for packing it away for the winter so I had better go outside and turn it over.

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