Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cats, Lion/Hedgehogs and Brides Maids.

I have been very busy over the last two days. Crochet busy that is. The cat seemed quite popular so I made him some friends.

They are all bendy so they sit and stand and you can move their heads and tails. I notice that the brown one has no clothes on - I must find him a ribbon.

Anyway I also made another hat but.......

Is it a lion or is it a hedgehog or is it another hybrid like the catfish?

Then there are lovely dark grey satin head bands with a paler grey flower made from ribbon with a slight sheen. All finished off with a black button made from shell. I thought they might be nice for brides maids.

I have to get back to making cats because foolishly I rushed into making them without waiting for complete instructions so they have the wrong coloured eyes. Of course they are safety eyes so I can't get them off and replace them. Never mind the more cats I make the quicker I get.

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