Saturday, 3 August 2013

Using Rings in Crochet

This is a puzzle : what do all of the following have in common? There is a bit of a clue in the title.

They have a ring in the base which helps them stand up. Made from Coats gauge 20 cotton.

Some of the owls eyes have been made using a 1cm plastic ring. I really like the little multicoloured owl on the left.

Beer Mat or Christmas Decoration ?     

         This one is based on a big wooden curtain ring.

The flowers have been very popular during the festival season especially the traditional daisy ones with a yellow middle and white petals

We have also made pencil toppers and bunting with small plastic rings and by covering cheap bangles we have produced some very pretty bracelets.


This is a kit for making tiny stars and snowflakes that look really effective when made into long strings. Kit for sale HERE in our Etsy shop.

crochet jewelry 22 More Excellent Examples of 1971 Crochet

 Vicky brought this jewellery to my attention today. It is from vintage 1971 issue of McCall’s Needlework and Crafts. If you want to see more (and your really should!) go and read crochet concupiscence's brilliant blog post about the publication.  The necklace reminded me of all of the above and inspired this post. Most of these things can be made to order. Some will be in our face book shop now and others during the appropriate season. Next a curtain made entirely from covered rings I think


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